Oral Surgery

Complex dental surgery

This brand new clinic has been introduced to give our patients a choice when faced with a referral for removal of wisdom teeth or other oral surgery procedures.

Please be aware oral surgery is only available at our York Place practice. When filling in our appointment forms please select the correct practice from the dropdown.

Caledonian Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Specialists

Specialists in oral surgery are able to provide treatment that isn't routinely carried out in general practice. The new oral surgery clinic gives you the convenience of specialist treatment at your local practice that you know and trust, rather than having to travel or wait a long time. 

What do our Specialists Do?

  • Wisdom tooth extraction 
  • Cyst removal 
  • Removal of roots
  •  Extraction of painful teeth
  • Biopsies 
  • Difficult extractions

    Dr Gillian Ainsworth

    Specialist in Oral Surgery

    GDC Number: 71932

    Suzanne Lello

    Dr Suzanne Lello

    Specialist in Oral Surgery

    GDC Number: 153633


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